Enrich your life with Paradise

Paradise presents high quality of life and bright future.

As a leading tourism company, Paradise Group has actively pursued the business of integrated resort, hotel, game, travel and leisure.
Since its establishment in 1972, we have implemented the values of “service, consideration and human-centered management with a focus on sharing” and have grown into a company that inspires creativity. Our goal is to make people’s lives richer and happier by providing opportunities to enjoy quality leisure time.

The Destination Creator

  • As the Destination Creator, we create the special destination that people seek. Based on our extensive human, knowledge and physical resources, we create special places with unrivaled values.
  • People who stay in Paradise enjoy a unique experience to turn their life into art. Every member of Paradise Group endeavors to accomplish and go beyond their own field of expertise.
  • Always ready to take on a new challenge and innovation, we are committed to reach a world-class level of competence. We believe we can serve the best, when we ourselves become the experts of our field.

It’s your PARADISE

Going global with the new Korean Wave

  • Paradise Group aims for the global market. Based on the experience gained over the past 50 years in the tourism industry, we have built Northeast Asia’s first integrated resort, Paradise City.
  • Located close to Incheon International Airport, Paradise City is the ultimate destination for global travelers with exceptional attractions and facilities including casino, convention, shopping mall, art gallery, spa, club and 5-star hotels.
  • With leisure, entertainment, art and culture all offered in a single place, Paradise City is where the new Korean Wave starts.

Design Life as Art

Giving, sharing and growing with community

  • Paradise Group is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and making the world a better place to live.
  • To develop human resources and pave the way for a brighter future, we founded Kaywon Middle and High School of Art and Kaywon University of Art and Design through Paradise Culture Foundation to support artists and promote culture and art around the world. We also operate the Paradise Welfare Foundation that dedicates education, treatment and welfare services for children with disabilities.
  • By helping people in need and supporting areas lacking resources, we are dedicated to fulfill our social responsibilities and growth in step with the local community. Spreading true value of sharing to many people, we will continue our endeavor to be a conscious company.