Ethical Management

ParatongParatong serves as a foundation for Paradise Group’s sustainable growth.


Paratong is Paradise Group’s reporting/suggestion channel.
Your participation will help Paradise Group achieve sustainable growth.

Areas of Report

  • 01Embezzlement, use and laundering of funds by an employee
  • 02Request for money, convenience, entertainment and service by an employee
  • 03Unfair work process or practice by an employee
  • 04Transaction disadvantages
  • 05Unfair equity participation of unlisted companies
  • 06Inappropriate behavior or forcing inappropriate behavior
  • 07Sexual harassment
  • 08Any other violation of the Paradise Code of Ethics or unethical conduct

Protection of Reporters

Those who report to Paratong are fully protected in terms of identity, confidentiality and action against violations.

ConfidentialityInformation on reporters is confidential.
Proof presented by reporter is confidential.

Protection of identityProtection of identity

Action against violationsAny violation against the protection
of reporter is subject to penalty.

  • Postal address for reportP.O. Box 795, Seoul Central Post Office
  • Offline report site13F Ethical Management, 299 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Fax+82.2.2277.3862