Endless feast of entertainment out of this world, Paradise City

A new concept of art-tainment resort was created based on a combination of unparalleled tourism expertise and abundance of cultural assets of Paradise Group.
Located on Yeongjong Island, Incheon on a total area of 330,000 ㎡, Paradise City is the first global integrated resort in Northeast Asia.
Wide variety of entertainment is offered daily in our hotels, convention, casino, plaza, art gallery, spa and club.
Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience for our visitors around the world by combining world-class art and cultural contents with a stunning and elegant space.

Enjoy the best of Paradise Group

In every aspect from facilities to service and contents, Paradise City is committed to offer the highest quality and unparalleled attention to detail.
Based on the expertise and insight on tourism, culture and art we have accumulated over the past 40 years,
we have created a world-class resort complex in partnership with global companies including Sega Sammy of Japan.
With focus on culture, art and people, we create unique value that no other place can offer.


Living up to its reputation as the best art-tainment resort, we serve our guests with world-class facilities and service.

From our 5-star hotel with 711 rooms in various styles to our boutique hotel, 'Art Paradiso,' designed for creative trendsetters, you can experience true hospitality in an inspiring setting.



With state-of-the-art system complemented by premium service and trusted game operation, Paradise Casino offers special experience to all guests.

We boast a variety of game genres, unmatched staff service and facilities, premium VIP programs and dining experience defined by our meticulous attention to detail.



Designed with European sensibilities, Art Paradiso is a lifestyle boutique hotel that offers a true sense of freedom, excitement and artistic inspiration. In addition to 58 rooms across eight floors, the hotel features a contemporary restaurant, private spa and fitness facility, as well as party supply rental service and free minibar for your special experience and comfort.

Experience culture at its best

Our commitment to create unmatched cultural experience can be found everywhere in Paradise City.
Serving itself as a large expo, Paradise offers guests to be surrounded by art and experience it in unexpected places such as hotel, casino, club, and plaza.
Paradise Art Space (culture and art gallery) is a dedicated space for both art and culture to showcase the world of art with works of renowned artists and those of new artists sponsored by Paradise Group.
We share our artistic sensibilities with our guests and create a truly unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else.


Paradise Art Space offers an unmatched cultural experience and artistic inspiration in a wide variety of genres, featuring both renowned local and international artists.

Gazing Ball―Farnese Hercules


At Studio Paradise, interesting contents are
created while a variety of performances and events take place.

Movies, dramas, TV shows and commercials
are filmed in Korea’s largest high-tech multi-purpose studio.



Nightlife Destination Chroma is Asia’s best party scene, where you can enjoy various music genre tuned by world-class DJs.

Start of the global renaissance of Korean Wave

Located near Incheon International Airport, the gateway to South Korea,
Paradise City is expected to become the focal point of economic and cultural hub of Northeast Asia and to start a new renaissance of Korean wave.
As a place for true communication, where values of East and West converge, and past, present and future come together, Paradise City will set the K-Style trend and provide opportunities to experience Korean Wave for people around the world.


As a K-Style destination spa combining European sensibilities with unique Korean traditional sauna, Cimer offers unrivaled level of relaxation through various themed facilities and weekly pool parties.



Offering wide selection of fine restaurants,
cafes, select shops and duty-free shops
along inspiring events, Plaza is a central hub of Paradise City that creates trendy lifestyle.



Wonderbox is a family-friendly indoor theme park filled with excitement and a festive ambience that captures the hearts of children and adults alike.

Paradise Hotel & Resort
Offers a new level of relaxation and comfort.
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