IR FAQ of Paradise

Paradise was listed on the Kosdaq market on 5 Nov 2002 with the intial offering price of KRW 4,150. The security code is 034230.

As of end 2012, the total number of outstanding shares is 90,942,672 shares. Due to Paradise purchased 16,196,191 treasury shares during 2006 ~2009, Paradise holdings 12,911,298 treasury shares, which is account for 14.2% of total outstanding shares.

Paradise has been rated by credit agency, Korea Investors Service; A Moodys' Affiliates, AA- (Stable).

Paradise was incorporated on 27 April 1972 as name of Paradise Investment and Development Co. In 1997, the company was renamed as Paradise.

the dividend payment period and amounts are decided by the Board of Director. Typically, Paradise' dividend is paid one a year at the end of the December.

Paradise' fiscal year is equivalent to its calendar year. Typically, our 1Q earnings release is in May, 2Q in August, 3Q in November, and 4Q in February of the following year. Please refer to our homepage [IR - IR Material - IR PT] for more details.

Paradise has two business units - Casion which is account for 98% of total revenue and Spa
• Casino: Walker-hill (table: 89, slot machine: 136) / Jeju-Grand (table: 26, slot machine: 24)
• Spa: Paradise Spa Dogo is a hot-spring water park resort, situated in Asan, South Chungcheong Provine


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