Teams and Roles

Paradians are becoming experts in various fields.


Room Department
Greet and welcome guests upon arrival the hotel and ensure them a comfortable stay.
F&B Department
Provide services in a friendly and professional manner at all hotel restaurants, cafés and bars and ensure guest satisfaction.
Culinary Department
Provide world-class dining experienc to all guests. Develop creative menus through expertise and imagination.


Hotel Planning
Carry out management planning, organization and evaluation to improve the business performance and gain competitive advantage. Develop corporate strategies in response to the changing business environment.
Perform tasks related to receipts/payments and other accounting matters in accordance with the management and accounting policies. Plan monthly and quarterly strategies including work efficiency, computerization, documentation, and apply in practice.
Prepare annual HR policy and perform administrative tasks related to recruitment, evaluation, compensation, promotion and retirement. Establish labor-management council operation, evaluation process and apply them in practice to maintain good labor-management relations.
Purchase/General Affairs
Plan general purchase affairs strategy, service and management plan and provide support for each division. Establish monthly, quarterly and annual plans based on the basic principles of purchase and general affairs and apply them in practice.
Establish overall operation and maintenance plans for electricity, facilities and construction, and plan for service management and support for each division.

Hotel Marketing

Hotel Sales
Set goals in line with management policy and drive customer development, management and growth.
Hotel Product Development
Set goals in line with management policy and establish hotel product development strategies through event planning, OTA channel management and partnerships with outside channels.


Operate designated game table and maintain a positive atmosphere by responding to guests’ preferences under the instructions of a Floor Person.
Floor Person
Supervise dealers, manage shift, and respond to guest requests and needs to ensure smooth game operation, under the direction and support from the Pit Boss.
Pit Boss
Manage overall operation including guest and table management, keep staff informed of the company policy and report suggestions and feedback from staff to the company.
Provide service and ensure that guests enjoy their food and beverage from the bar under manager’s supervision and operation policy.
Safety Manager
Perform tasks at the main gate, manage VIP guests and persons of interest, ensure the safety of staff, and prevent accidents.


Overseas Marketing
Set goals for areas in charge and achieve them through customer development, management and growth.
Airport Service
Keep track of guests’ departure and arrival transportation schedule, VIP guest list, needs and preferences to ensure smooth transportation and service.

Management Support

Management Planning
Plan business management and budget, and conduct evaluations to enhance competitive advantage and management efficiency. Develop corporate strategies in response to the changing business environment.
Implement annual HR policy in line with the management policy and goals. Perform general HR administration and special tasks assigned based on HR regulations and systems, and play roles to maintain good labor-management relations.
Public Relations
Establish annual event plans in line with management policy and report the results. Prepare and organize events to ensure customer satisfaction and maximize cost benefits.
General Affairs
Plan and implement mid- to long-term general affairs strategies in line with the management and general affairs policies. Establish purchase, service and administration plans and provide support for implementation by each division.
HR Development
Establish annual employee training plans and goals, and develop training system aligned to the goals. Conduct demand analysis by training program, improve contents and process to deliver the programs and organiz evaluation process.
Perform tasks for system development/maintenance and IT strategy planning, operate existing systems and collect feedback.
Casino Accounting
Provide currency exchange/re-exchange, receipts/payments, slot machine and cash service. Perform tasks related to currency exchange, receipts/payments, and credit loan for chips while working on work efficiency improvement, computerization, plan proposal, and SQI evaluation.
Protect company’s assets from illegal elements in and out the company. Check CCTV footage in case of dispute and investigate/report in an accurate and timely manner to ensure compliance with gaming rules and procedures.